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Guys Caught Masturbating Outdoors

One subject that comes up again and again in emails I receive is guys caught masturbating outdoors. There's something about being caught naked and wanking in outdoor places that gets you guys hot under the collar. That's why I'm sure you are going to love this next video featuring a guy caught masturbating in the woods...

Guys Caught Masturbating

Caught Masturbating Outdoors - Watch Here

The video starts off with the guy pulling into a secluded woodland clearing in his car. He stops the engine, unzips his fly and pulls a porn mag from under the seat. As he is wanking away he doesn't notice two women approaching the car from the rear. The two women see what he is up to and decide to chastise him. They call him a filthy pervert and order him to get out of the car and strip.

Having been caught red handed the humiliated guy is now standing there with his swollen cock swaying in the breeze. One of the women reaches out and firmly grabs his balls - laughing as he winces and tries to pull away. Seeing this, the other woman laughs and wraps her hand firmly around his cock and between them they wank him off until he spills his cum into their hands.

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Caught Masturbating Outdoors - Full Video

Guy Caught Wanking In Hotel Room

You can imagine this guy's shock when he was caught wanking in his hotel room by four young women. But imagine how much more surprised he was when he ended up getting a four way wank off from the four fit birds!

Guy Caught Wanking

Four Girl Wank Off - Sample Clips

The four women walked into his room by mistake after he left the door unlocked. The women were pissed and looking for their room. The guy was having a quiet night in with the porn channel - or so he thought. When the girls saw him on the bed wanking his cock they were shocked, but the alcohol was making them brave and they were soon gathered round the bed to see what the guy had to offer. It wasn't long before he had four hands stroking his rock solid cock at the same time. And it wasn't long after that before he was coating those hands in a thick gooey mess of creamy cum!

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Four Girl Wank Off - Full Movie

Men Caught Masturbating By Hot Chicks

Here at Caught Wanking we like to bring you the best videos featuring men caught masturbating by hot chicks. All our videos feature guys caught with their pants down by the hottest girls - and today's video download is no exception...

Men Caught Masturbating

Wanked By Three Sisters - Watch Here

This video features Danny, a guy who is always boasting in the pub about his sexual conquests. But in reality he often ended the evening going home alone for a wank in front of the TV with a porn video. And that's how he got caught. On this particular evening he had a few too many and came home to watch a porno. But having blown his muck he instantly fell asleep on his bed... until he was woken a couple of hours later by his flatmate and her two sisters!

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Wanked By Three Sisters - Full Movie

Guy Caught Wanking With Fleshlight

This guy was caught wanking with his brand new fleshlight when his female flatmate came home early with three of her friends. The guy was enjoying the feel of the fake pussy on his hard cock so much that he didn't hear the four girls come home. In fact, the first he knew about it was when the four of them were standing in his doorway laughing at him. At first the guy was completely mortified as they stood there making fun of him. But having four hot girls staring at his cock was also very exciting and it was making him even harder...

Boy Caught Wanking

Caught Wanking With Fleshlight - Free Sample

Seeing that his cock was still standing to attention, the girls decided to have some fun with it. They each took turns in sliding the fleshlight up and down his shaft, still teasing him and asking if it felt like a real pussy. They even teased him that he wouldn't know what a real pussy felt like. One of the girls then began to wank him with her hand - and asked if that felt better than the fake pussy. He confessed that it did - so the other girls joined in with their hands and wanked him off until he sprayed all four hands with his cum.

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