My Sister Caught Me Wanking On Her Bed

This video reminds me of the time my sister caught me wanking in her bedroom. I was in my teens, and so was my sister, and at that age I was a virgin and just getting curious about anything to do with girls. My sister had some friends over for a sleepover and the following morning they all went out together. As soon as they were gone I crept into her room and began snooping around the girls' things...

My Sister Caught Me Wanking

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One of the first things I found was a bag belonging to one of my sister's friends. Inside the top of the bag was a pair of knickers she must have worn the previous day. They were white and lacy and I couldn't resist taking them out for a closer look. As I picked them up I could feel my cock getting hard in my jeans and I gave myself a rub through the material. I didn't dare get my cock out but I could wank myself by rubbing my foreskin through the material.

As my cock grew harder, I opened out the knickers to examine them more closely. They were more like a thong than knickers, and I remember being surprised how thin the back bit was. There was also a slightly damp stain in the gusset. I thought about the girl who had been wearing them and lifted the knickers to my nose. The smell hit me like a tonne of bricks and was much stronger than I expected.

As I sniffed the intoxicating smell of pussy for the first time, I began rubbing myself harder through my jeans. The thought that I was sniffing the smell of my sister's friend's pussy was incredibly exciting and I was close to coming. I took one last deep sniff of those lacy white knickers, and instantly felt the muscles in my cock contract and a spurt of hot cum shoot out of my bell end.

It was just as I was feeling the hot spunk spreading into my underpants that I heard my sister coming back up the stairs. She must have forgotten something. I shoved her friend's knickers back in the bag and headed towards the door with a damp patch developing in my jeans. Just as I was coming out of her room she spotted me. I must have looked very flustered and muttered something about looking for something. She just looked puzzled and walked past me as I ran to my own room.

Looking back on it, I guess my sister didn't actually catch me wanking. But she came very close, and it felt like she had caught me. Even to this day, I sometimes wonder if she actually knew what I had been doing, but she never says anything. Anyway, this video reminds me of that day and I fantasise about what might have happened if my sister and her friends had actually caught me wanking. You can watch the video now on this link...

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