Guys Caught Wanking By Girls

This is another one in our series of videos of guys caught wanking by girls. This guy came back to his flat plastered one night and went straight to his bedroom and stripped off ready for bed. Feeling horny, after looking at girls in skimpy clothes all night, he decided to have a wank before going to sleep. He collapsed onto the bed naked, and began having a nice slow wank...

Guys Caught Wanking

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Unknown to the guy, his flatmate and her best friend had heard him staggering around upstairs and came to see if he was alright. You can imagine their surprise when they walked through the open door, and found him on the bed - completely naked and having a wank! But they weren't as shocked as the guy was, when he suddenly found two hot girls in his bedroom. At first he was embarrassed, but he also found that his cock was getting even harder. And, when the girls began to help him stroke it, he was in heaven!

The next morning, when he woke up, the guy thought he remembered being caught wanking by two hot girls - but he assumed it was all a dream. Until, that is, the two girls showed him the video of them wanking his cock for him!

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