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My Sister Caught Me Wanking On Her Bed

This video reminds me of the time my sister caught me wanking in her bedroom. I was in my teens, and so was my sister, and at that age I was a virgin and just getting curious about anything to do with girls. My sister had some friends over for a sleepover and the following morning they all went out together. As soon as they were gone I crept into her room and began snooping around the girls' things...

My Sister Caught Me Wanking

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One of the first things I found was a bag belonging to one of my sister's friends. Inside the top of the bag was a pair of knickers she must have worn the previous day. They were white and lacy and I couldn't resist taking them out for a closer look. As I picked them up I could feel my cock getting hard in my jeans and I gave myself a rub through the material. I didn't dare get my cock out but I could wank myself by rubbing my foreskin through the material.

As my cock grew harder, I opened out the knickers to examine them more closely. They were more like a thong than knickers, and I remember being surprised how thin the back bit was. There was also a slightly damp stain in the gusset. I thought about the girl who had been wearing them and lifted the knickers to my nose. The smell hit me like a tonne of bricks and was much stronger than I expected.

As I sniffed the intoxicating smell of pussy for the first time, I began rubbing myself harder through my jeans. The thought that I was sniffing the smell of my sister's friend's pussy was incredibly exciting and I was close to coming. I took one last deep sniff of those lacy white knickers, and instantly felt the muscles in my cock contract and a spurt of hot cum shoot out of my bell end.

It was just as I was feeling the hot spunk spreading into my underpants that I heard my sister coming back up the stairs. She must have forgotten something. I shoved her friend's knickers back in the bag and headed towards the door with a damp patch developing in my jeans. Just as I was coming out of her room she spotted me. I must have looked very flustered and muttered something about looking for something. She just looked puzzled and walked past me as I ran to my own room.

Looking back on it, I guess my sister didn't actually catch me wanking. But she came very close, and it felt like she had caught me. Even to this day, I sometimes wonder if she actually knew what I had been doing, but she never says anything. Anyway, this video reminds me of that day and I fantasise about what might have happened if my sister and her friends had actually caught me wanking. You can watch the video now on this link...

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Guys Caught Wanking By Girls

This is another one in our series of videos of guys caught wanking by girls. This guy came back to his flat plastered one night and went straight to his bedroom and stripped off ready for bed. Feeling horny, after looking at girls in skimpy clothes all night, he decided to have a wank before going to sleep. He collapsed onto the bed naked, and began having a nice slow wank...

Guys Caught Wanking

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Unknown to the guy, his flatmate and her best friend had heard him staggering around upstairs and came to see if he was alright. You can imagine their surprise when they walked through the open door, and found him on the bed - completely naked and having a wank! But they weren't as shocked as the guy was, when he suddenly found two hot girls in his bedroom. At first he was embarrassed, but he also found that his cock was getting even harder. And, when the girls began to help him stroke it, he was in heaven!

The next morning, when he woke up, the guy thought he remembered being caught wanking by two hot girls - but he assumed it was all a dream. Until, that is, the two girls showed him the video of them wanking his cock for him!

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Caught Wanking in Women's Changing Room

Today's video features a guy caught wanking in a women's changing room. I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a voyeur and I've peeped at women getting changed on a number of occasions. Whether it's at the beach or when my girlfriend and her mates are getting ready to go out, I often have a sneaky peek - and that can often lead to a hard cock developing in my pants. But I've never gone quite as far as the guy in this video. He took it to the extreme and actually hid out in the changing room. Not only that, but he had his cock out and was wanking as he watched them getting changed!

Caught Wanking

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You can probably tell from the picture that this sneaky voyeur was eventually caught wanking by the girls. They were pretty pissed off that he was spying on them and wanking off, right there in the room, while they were wearing nothing but their sexy underwear. So the girls decided to teach him a lesson. They demanded he strip naked and finish wanking while they watched. But the guy's cock got stage-fright and he couldn't obey their orders. Fortunately, one of the girls decided to help him out and, with a little helping hand, he was soon shooting big spurts of cum all over the changing room floor!

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Men Caught Wanking By Women

This site is all about videos of men caught wanking by women and I know that's what you guys fantasise about. You like the thrill that you might get caught wanking by a woman and maybe you even do it in risky places or leave the door unlocked sometimes just for that extra bit of excitement. Well, today's video is especially for all you guys who are excited by the risk of being caught!

Men Caught Wanking

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In this video the guy is having a risky wank in his hotel room. He's completely naked on the bed and he has left the door unlocked for the extra thrill of knowing someone could walk in. But, when four drunk girls come bursting into the room by mistake, he is more than a bit shocked. The girls have come into the wrong room by mistake and are amazed to find a naked guy wanking on the bed!

What happens next is pretty obvious from the picture above. You can see the girls have tied the guy to the bed and are about to have some fun with him. I won't spoil your enjoyment by telling you everything they do to him, but I can assure you it is fucking awesome! This is a must-see video for anyone who likes videos of men caught wanking by women and anyone who enjoys the thrill of a risky wank. You can watch it now on the link below...

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Wife Caught Husband Masturbating In The Shower

When this wife caught her husband masturbating in the shower after they came off the beach, she thought it was so funny she couldn't resist asking her two friends to come and have a peek. The video starts with the three girls peeping at the guy in the shower and watching him stroke his cock as he covers himself in soapy water. The guy's eyes were closed and he was completely oblivious to them standing there watching him.

Caught Husband Masturbating

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Of course, the wife wasn't going to just let him stand there masturbating on his own and she soon snapped him out of his blissful wank with a cheeky shout from the doorway. The three girls giggled as they saw the look of shock come over his face and he stood there in utter embarrassment with his erect cock poking out in front of him. The guy's wife then stepped closer and said "Do you want some help with that"?

The wife began to run her fingers up and down the length of her husband's stiff shaft and his cock immediately twitched under her touch. She took hold of it and began to slowly wank it while her two friends watched. It didn't take long before the husband was close to spunking and, seeing this, his wife wanked him harder. By now, the two friends were silently watching the guy being wanked off. But, as the wife's strokes became more intense, one of the girls let out a loud scream as a thick jet of cum shot from the guy's cock and landed on her bare tummy.

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